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Unleash the Power of Oracle CX Transformation with LTIMindtree’s Expertise

Many businesses today lack the deep customer insights which primarily drive loyalty and result in higher returns on Customer Experience (CX) investments. Some companies focus too heavily on short-term outcomes rather than long-term growth strategies. Many find it difficult to showcase the best Return on Investment (ROI), making it challenging to justify investing in efforts to improve customer experience.


LTIMindtree, in partnership with Oracle CX, provides a comprehensive customer experience transformation solution to help businesses overcome these hurdles. Through our specifically designed Oracle CX-powered solutions enable businesses to drive growth, loyalty, and profitability. Discover how our offerings can drive sustained enterprise growth and elevate customer experiences, enabling enterprises to get to the future, faster, together with Oracle Cloud.



Our offering provides a comprehensive range of services to transform customer experience in association with Oracle CX (sales, marketing, and services solution)

We offer actionable insights, efficient implementations, and the integration of advanced technologies to streamline operations and achieve superior customer experience. Our offerings include:

  • CX assessment and blueprinting to evaluate maturity

  • Launching new initiatives with risk-free implementation

  • Enhancing existing CX landscapes to optimize ROI and address gaps

  • Enriching solutions with digital levers like AI-ML, Internet of Things (IoT), bots, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Value Proposition

Manufacturing domain expertise

Vertical industry solutions for end-to-end CX value chain

Duck Creek, rules-based predefined business requirement templates for all platforms helps to optimize requirements cycle time by 25%

Certified consultants

Certified CX consultants provide comprehensive solutions for multiple customers

Minimize Coverages, Pages and Forms configuration efforts by up to 30% enable to achieve faster time to build and state roll-outs

Ready-made UI themes and templates

Modern CX stack commerce application design

Rapid implementation kit

Leverage Canvas Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Xpress and Enclose framework

Pre-built plug-and-play integrations

Comes with back-end Enterprise Reporting Optimization (ERO), taxation, payment gateways, and logistics systems

RPAs and bots

Improve operational efficiency, especially in field service

Our Assets


Payment solution

Integrate Oracle Communications Consulting (OCC) with CyberSource for credit card payments.

INS__Core Transformation-.png

Mobility-based field service

Get real-time view of product’s availability, price, part ordering, and debrief work order.

INS__Application Management Services.png

Shopping behavior analytics

Track user sessions to understand shopping behavior, popular searches, and drop-off points.


Case Study


Optimizing E-Commerce Strategy Resulting in Global Manufacturer's 9% YoY Online Revenue Growth

Case Study


B2B E-commerce Store for Channel Partners of US-Based Company



Transforming Customer Experience (CX) – End-to-End Digital Solutions for the CX Value Chain

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