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Top 10 Azure Trends to Look Out for in 2023

LTIMindtree curated and forecasted the Top 10 trends for Azure in 2023. While empowering the hybrid workforce remains the top priority of all organizations, digital initiatives have further accelerated, and so has cloud adoption. The buying trends indicate some very interesting traits for Azure Trends in 2023.

  • Organizations at high cloud maturity curves are looking to improve efficiencies by further outsourcing capabilities like DR, scalability, resiliency, and, most importantly, security in the Public cloud. Indicative of growing trust with hyperscalers.

  • Since the last few quarters, the cloud-led Modernization definition has further evolved and leaned towards standardization.

  • Sustainability has moved from board-room discussion to an imperative business outcome.

  • 5G and innovations in wireless have fuelled new age Modern connected apps.

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Azure is poised to lead trends in 2023, with its extreme business-centricity and focus on cloud Practitioners across industries. The Top 10 Azure Trends articulate the customer discussions we have been having at all levels and our continuous research at LTIMindtree.

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