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TomTom uses Microsoft Azure to modernize their applications

LTIMindtree helped TomTom scale & achieve high availability by migrating from on-premises to cloud and modernizing their applications with Microsoft Azure. TomTom is a leading Dutch multinational navigation services provider founded in the year 1991 and is based in Amsterdam with 3,800+ strong team of talented professionals.

Benefits catered to the client

Ensured business continuity through an incremental migration approach


Increased migration speed by templatizing

the pipeline development

infrastructure (3).png

Decoupled infrastructure
and application 
code to simplify management

feature (2).png

Minimized hindrances in the application development using the CI-CD-CT

In this LTIMindtree case study, discover how TomTom successfully modernized their applications and achieved high availability by migrating to the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

LTIMindtree used the pipeline-driven migration approach to modernize the client’s infrastructure using Azure Services and drive operational efficiency and agility.

LTIMindtree is a digital transformation organization that drives operational efficiency and agility for their customers. By collaborating with Microsoft, LTIMindtree helped TomTom accelerate their business objectives and migrate 187 applications across 16 product units, using over 4500 virtual machines. Through this cloud migration and modernization program, TomTom was able to scale quickly and become self-sufficient as a DevOps team.

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